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Why Us

When it comes to cakes, we at Bakers Abode believe in getting a feel of our customer’s vision of the cake that is required. Our entire process starts from scratch as we begin to work with our own combinations of tried and tested ingredients and customize it to the customer requirements.

As home bakers we take utmost care in selecting the kind of fat, sugar and flour, so that there is no compromise on our health.We use plain whole ingredients – table sugar, flour, fresh butter, oil, fresh cream and do not produce in bulk. In order to improve the moisture, flavor and texture we use from a variety of healthy ingredients – grated fruit, fruit purees, dried fruits, nuts, carrots etc. to make the cake healthy.

As all the products are freshly procured and carefully put togetherto make an amazing cake for your special occasion, we sometimes do become more expensive than your next door commercial bakery. Unlike them we do notmake bulk production, use ready mixes, unwanted preservatives that could pose a serious threat to our health. We promise good taste and health and a lifetime of memories.

We specialize in eggless,vegan and organic cakes and take pride in stating that non vegetarians find our cakes more delicious and satisfying.. and of course our cakes very often than not, gets over much faster and does not find its way to the refrigerator!!!